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Miiniimo - KIIDZ

Miiniimo - KIIDZ


Miiniimo Kiidz Bottle - An everyday companion to lunch boxes everywhere, the MIINIIMO KIIDZ water bottle is made with Tritan, a highly durable and lightweight plastic. MIINIIMO KIIDZ bottles are spill-proof when open and leak-proof when closed. Just bite to sip, close and lock when finished. The easy carry handle and fun designs make hydrating fun for miinii adventurers. Cap and bottle are odor and stain resistant, and free of BPA. Thoughtful, fun, sustainable. Recommended for ages 3+.


    Capacity: 550ml / 18 oz

    Dimension: 76 x 110 x 198 mm Height



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    -Easy access Cap: Avoid finger touching the spout when open and close.
    -Leak-proof: Push button lid with lock is completely leak-proof.
    -Easy to Carry: Comfortable carry handle.
    -Lightweight and ultra-durable: Made from Eastman Tritan.
    -Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated: Odor and Stain Resistant.
    -All parts are BPA free, easily disassemble and easy to clean.

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